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Narva 5872-10tc 7 Core Trailer Cable 5amp 2.5mm X 10m Caravan Camper



Product Specifications:

Amps: 5
No. Of Cores: 7
Length (metres): 10m
Colour: Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White, Brown
Strand No./Dia.: 8/0.32
Conductor cross section(mm2): 0.64
Cable Dia. (mm): 2.5mm

The NARVA 5872-10TC 7 Core Trailer Cable is designed to meet the demanding electrical needs of trailers, campers, and caravans. This high-quality cable features seven individual cores, each capable of handling up to 5 amps, and has a 2.5mm² cross-sectional area per core. With a total length of 10 meters, it provides flexibility and reliability for various wiring applications.

Key Features:

Seven Core Design: The cable includes seven individual cores, allowing for multiple electrical connections within a single cable. This design is ideal for comprehensive wiring needs in trailers, campers, and caravans.

Amperage Capacity: Each core is rated to handle up to 5 amps, suitable for powering lights, indicators, brakes, and other essential electrical devices.

Cable Gauge: The 2.5mm² cross-sectional area of each core ensures efficient power transmission and minimal voltage drop over the length of the cable.

Length: A generous 10-meter length provides ample reach for most wiring tasks, ensuring flexibility in installation and routing.

Durable Construction: The cable is built with robust insulation to protect against abrasion, moisture, and other environmental factors, ensuring long-lasting performance in outdoor conditions.

Versatile Application: Ideal for a variety of uses in trailers, campers, and caravans, this cable is perfect for both new installations and extensions of existing wiring systems.