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Narva Twin USB Power Adaptor Kit 12V - 24V Caravan Accessory



Narva 81054BL Twin USB Power Adaptor Kit: A must-have accessory for caravans or motorhomes, ensuring convenient device charging on the road.
Voltage Range 12V to 24V: Compatible with a broad range of vehicles, operating efficiently within the voltage range of 12V to 24V.
Two USB Ports: Equipped with two USB ports, enabling simultaneous charging of multiple devices for added convenience.
Blue LED Power Indicator: Features a blue LED light to indicate power status, providing a visual cue for operational awareness.
Top-Quality Narva Product: Manufactured by Narva, a trusted brand known for producing high-quality automotive accessories.
Stay Connected on the Road: Essential for those who want to stay connected while on the road, ensuring that devices are always charged and ready for use.
Business or Pleasure Travel: Whether traveling for business or pleasure, the 81054BL Twin USB Power Adaptor Kit is the perfect solution for all your charging needs.
Convenient Charging Solution: A versatile and convenient solution for keeping devices powered, making it an essential addition to any caravan or motorhome.
On-the-Go Connectivity: Enables on-the-go connectivity, allowing you to charge your devices effortlessly during your caravan or motorhome adventures.
Narva Quality Assurance: Provides assurance of Narva's top-quality standards, ensuring reliable and efficient performance.