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Narva Merit Plug 12V Male 360 Degree Contact Accessory Caravan RV


Narva Merit Plug 12V Male 360 Degree Contact Accessory Caravan RV

Essential Caravan Accessory: The Narva Merit Plug 12V Male Socket with 360 Degree Contact is a must-have accessory for your caravan or RV, ensuring a reliable power connection for your 12V accessories.

360 Degree Contact Design: Benefit from a secure and reliable connection with the 360-degree contact design of the socket. Enjoy consistent power flow for your caravan electronics.

Designed for Merit Sockets: Specifically designed to fit into Merit sockets, this plug provides a seamless and compatible solution for powering up your caravan or RV with ease.

Trusted NARVA Brand: Made by NARVA, a trusted brand in the automotive industry, this socket is built to withstand tough conditions and deliver long-lasting performance. Trust in the quality and reliability of NARVA products.

Versatile Power Source: With the Narva Merit Plug 12V Male Socket, you can effortlessly power up your fridge, lights, or any other 12V accessory in your caravan. Experience versatility in your power options during camping trips.

Hassle-Free Camping Experience: Enjoy a hassle-free camping experience with the convenience of the Narva Merit Plug 12V Male Socket. Trust in its durability and performance to meet your power needs on the road.

Easy to Install and Use: The socket is designed for easy installation and use, allowing you to quickly set up and connect your 12V accessories. Simplify your caravan power setup with this user-friendly accessory.

Enhance Your Caravan's Power System: Upgrade and enhance your caravan's power system with the Narva Merit Plug 12V Male Socket. Ensure a reliable and efficient power supply for all your 12V devices during your camping adventures.