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Narva 9-33V LED Awning Light (250mm) Part Number 87780

Narva’s new low profile L.E.D awning lamp’s are ideally suited to modern caravans, poptops and motorhome exteriors. Designed with easy installation in mind, the lamps are pre-wired, surface mountable and include a stylish “snap together” housing.

Using the latest high output L.E.D's the lamps feature the benefits of long life performance together with ultra low current draw. Constructed with a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens the awning lamps have been designed specifically for a range of exterior applications.

Narva are one of the market leaders when it comes to RV LED lighting with most leading manufacturers such as Jayco now using this LED Awning light on their full range of Caravans, Pop Tops and Expandas.

Key Features:

5 Year LED Warranty
Virtually unbreakable poly-carbonate lens
Extremely efficient with a very low power draw
Smooth yet powerful SMD L.E.Ds
Operational through a wide voltage range (therefore ideal for free camping)
Includes mounting screws & installation instructions


250mm (Width) x 35mm (Depth) x 87.3mm (Height)
9-33V Range
Current Draw: 0.26A at 12V, 0.14A at 24V & 3W at 240V AC
Coast to Coast part number 500-05123
Our Notes:

These are great for a retro installation and replacement of your older style awning light with a more energy efficient but significantly brighter LED light. These will typically use 10-15 times less energy than the older style bulbs and are ideal for free camping when restricted to using limited battery power.

A retro installation is easy as most RV's will have existing 12V wiring in place to connect to.

This item does not have an in-built switch or a separate switch included as they're designed for Caravans, Pop Tops or Motorhomes which normally have an internal switch for the awning light.