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Nf10 Cladding SMW 7.6 Mtr Len Ali NF10


NF10 Caravan Side Wall Aluminium Cladding 7.6m

Caravan Side or Wall Aluminium Cladding
"NC10" Profile - A deep profile side cladding comes in two stock lengths.
SM = Smooth
W = White paint colour

This product is manufactured by Camec and is very similar to the NF10 profile manufactured by Hume Caravan Accessories.

The Camec profile is not an exact match to the Hume as it yields several mm difference in effective coverage per panel.

It is suitable for the repair to part or a whole side of a caravan as the overall difference in the alignment of the cladding is usually not discernible.

• Panel Width: 315mm*
• Maximum length: 10.668m
• *Effective coverage of 254mm (+/-2mm) per panel.