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Polystyrene 2400x1200x25mm SL Grade


Polystyrene 2400x1200x25mm SL Grade

Polystyrene 2400x1200x25mm SL Grade is a type of polystyrene foam board known for its lightweight and insulating properties. It is commonly used in construction and packaging industries for insulation, cushioning, and crafting purposes. This specific grade of polystyrene foam board features dimensions of 2400x1200x25mm, making it suitable for various applications where insulation or padding is required. The SL grade indicates a standard or low-density variant, typically used for general-purpose insulation or lightweight packaging.

Key Features:

Dimensional Specifications: Measures 2400x1200x25mm (length x width x thickness).
Polystyrene Material: Made from expanded polystyrene foam, known for its lightweight and insulating properties.
Versatile Applications: Suitable for insulation, cushioning, and packaging in various industries.
Lightweight: Easy to handle and transport due to its lightweight nature.
Insulating Properties: Provides thermal and sound insulation, helping to regulate temperature and reduce noise transmission.
Durable: Offers durability and resilience against compression and impact, protecting packaged items during transit.
Easy to Cut and Shape: Can be easily cut and shaped using standard cutting tools for custom applications.
Cost-Effective: Provides an economical solution for insulation and packaging needs.
Non-Toxic: Safe for use in applications where contact with humans or food products is possible.
Recyclable: Can be recycled after use, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.
SL Grade: Indicates a standard or low-density variant suitable for general-purpose insulation and lightweight packaging.
White Color: Typically comes in a white color, offering a clean and uniform appearance for aesthetic purposes.
Chemical Resistance: Resistant to most chemicals, ensuring stability and performance in various environments.
Moisture Resistance: Provides resistance to moisture absorption, maintaining its insulating properties even in humid conditions.
Fire Retardant Properties: Some variants may offer fire retardant properties for enhanced safety in certain applications.