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Purpleline Saracen SHL300 Ultra Hitch Lock


Purpleline Saracen SHL300 Ultra Hitch Lock 450-06086 Caravan Camper Trailer Boat

The Purpleline Saracen SHL300 Ultra Hitch Lock is a high-security device designed to secure the hitch of a caravan or trailer, preventing unauthorized towing. This hitch lock is a robust and durable solution to enhance the overall security of your caravan when it is not in use.

Key features of the Purpleline Saracen SHL300 Ultra Hitch Lock include:

High Security: The SHL300 Ultra Hitch Lock is designed to provide a high level of security, deterring theft and unauthorized access to the caravan.

Robust Construction: Crafted from sturdy and durable materials to withstand tampering and resist forced entry attempts.

Universal Fit: The hitch lock is engineered to have a universal fit, making it compatible with various caravan and trailer hitches.

Easy to Install: The lock is typically designed for easy installation, allowing caravan owners to secure their hitch quickly and efficiently.

Visible Deterrent: The presence of a hitch lock serves as a visible deterrent to potential thieves, discouraging them from attempting to tow the caravan.

Integrated Locking Mechanism: The SHL300 Ultra features an integrated locking mechanism, providing a convenient and secure way to lock the hitch.

Supplied with Keys: The hitch lock is usually supplied with keys that match the locking mechanism, ensuring secure access for the caravan owner.

Secure Hitch Coupling: Specifically designed to secure the hitch coupling, preventing it from being coupled to a towing vehicle.

Weather-Resistant: Constructed to be weather-resistant, the hitch lock can withstand exposure to the elements during outdoor storage.