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Dometic Rm2553 Middle Shelf

$99.95 $90.95



The "Dometic RM2553 Middle Shelf" is a specific component designed for use in Dometic RM2553 refrigerators. Here's a detailed description of this part:

Compatibility: The middle shelf is designed specifically to fit the Dometic RM2553 refrigerator model. This ensures proper sizing and compatibility with the refrigerator's interior layout.

Functionality: The middle shelf serves as an additional storage space within the refrigerator compartment. It provides a convenient location for storing food items, beverages, or other refrigerated goods.

Material: Typically constructed from durable materials such as plastic or tempered glass, the shelf is designed to withstand the weight of items placed on it and endure the temperature fluctuations inside the refrigerator.

Adjustability: Depending on the refrigerator model and design, the middle shelf may be adjustable in height or position. This allows users to customize the internal storage space according to their needs and preferences.

Installation: Installing the middle shelf is usually straightforward and requires no specialized tools. It typically involves inserting the shelf into designated slots or brackets within the refrigerator compartment.

Replacement Part: In some cases, the middle shelf may need to be replaced due to damage or wear over time. As a genuine replacement part from Dometic, the RM2553 Middle Shelf ensures proper fit and functionality, restoring the refrigerator's storage capacity.

Cleaning and Maintenance: The middle shelf is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. It can be removed from the refrigerator for thorough cleaning and then reinstalled as needed.