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Rosette To Suit 23mm Button For 16mm Thick Door Nickel


Rosette To Suit 23mm Button For 16mm Thick Door Nickel Rv Caravan 008150


The Rosette is a decorative and functional accessory designed to complement the installation of a button on a door, particularly one that is 16mm thick. In this case, it is specifically crafted to suit a 23mm button, providing an aesthetic finishing touch to the door hardware. The use of nickel as the material adds durability and a sleek appearance to the rosette.


Design Compatibility: The rosette is tailored to accommodate a 23mm button, ensuring a precise fit and a cohesive look for the door hardware.
Door Thickness: Suitable for doors with a thickness of 16mm, making it ideal for a specific range of door types or installations.
Material: Constructed from nickel, the rosette combines both durability and an attractive appearance, adding a touch of elegance to the door.
Aesthetic Finish: The primary function of the rosette is to provide a decorative finish around the button, enhancing the overall appearance of the door.
Easy Installation: The rosette is typically designed for easy and straightforward installation, contributing to the efficiency of the overall door hardware setup.
Application: This rosette is commonly used in various door applications where a button or knob is employed, providing both functional and decorative benefits.

Whether you're updating the door hardware in your home or working on a specific project, the Rosette to Suit 23mm Button for 16mm Thick Door in Nickel offers a stylish and functional solution to complete the look of your door.