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Rv Wifi+4gx Portable Caravan Wifi Internet - Rvwifi+4gx

$599.00 $499.00

Rv Wifi+4gx Portable Caravan Wifi Internet - Rvwifi+4gxX

Powered by the caravan, no charges to worry about, simple, easy

The statistics are in, 95% of family homes and business are Wi Fi enabled giving occupants access to up to date on line data, social media, music and movies – the options are endless, with the internet being on an unstoppable course and where it is revealing itself as the prevalent communications technology of choice. RV Wi-Fi routers are optimised for the Telstra networks 3G and 4G data pre paid plans, though the RV Wi-Fi+ enables you to choose your own provider to access the internet to give you the best range or price options available and you only pay for the time you’re using the caravan. The coverage of this device is available where mobile coverage is available from your carrier, only better due to the external antenna providing greater range. The RV Wifi + typically provides up to 50 meters of coverage from your caravan or motorhome and allows you to connect multiple devices at once as well as using from your car whilst travelling. In addition, it comes with a built in media centre, allowing you to insert a hard drive or USB and share movies, images or music over multiple devices.

The RV Wi-Fi router Software has been developed specifically for the Australian Recreational Vehicle community.

Enhanced reception with our external 3G/4G/Wi-Fi antenna
Top up when you need to
RV Wi-Fi+ enables you to ‘choose your own provider’
Wi-Fi access for the family whilst towing your caravan
A ‘Hot Spot’ that stays with the caravan when your phone moves away
Access the internet from multiple devices
Specially designed software for Recreational Vehicles.
12 volt power connection
2x Wi-Fi Antennas for improved Wi-Fi performance
Up to 50 meters coverage from caravan or motorhome
Dimensions of RV Router: Width 8.3cm x Length 13cm x Height 3.2cm
Internal Wifi Antenna Length: 19.5cm
External Aerial: Height (including bracket): 50mm Diameter:125mm