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SAE Male X BSP Tapered Male Union 5/16 X 1/8. 01-710


SAE MALE x BSP TAPERED MALE UNION 5/16 x 1/8. 01-710 (550-00630)

The SAE Male x BSP Tapered Male Union 5/16 x 1/8 (part number 01-710, also known as 550-00630) is a specific type of hydraulic or fluid fitting designed to connect components with different thread types and sizes. Here are its features and a description:


SAE Male End (5/16):

The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) male end indicates that it has a 5/16 inch outer diameter with a specific thread configuration typical in hydraulic systems.

BSP Tapered Male End (1/8):

The BSP (British Standard Pipe) tapered male end features a 1/8 inch outer diameter with a tapered thread design commonly used in plumbing and hydraulic applications.


Typically made from materials like brass, steel, or stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion.


Used in hydraulic systems, plumbing, and other fluid handling applications where a connection between SAE and BSP threads is required.


Suitable for both low and high-pressure systems, depending on the material and design specifications.


The SAE Male x BSP Tapered Male Union 5/16 x 1/8 (01-710, 550-00630) facilitates the connection between components with SAE and BSP threaded fittings. It allows for secure and reliable fluid transfer or control in various industrial and automotive applications. The union's design ensures compatibility and leak-free operation when properly installed, making it a crucial component in fluid systems where different thread types need to be interconnected. This fitting is engineered to withstand the rigors of hydraulic pressures and environmental conditions, ensuring longevity and performance in diverse operational settings.