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BMPRO Smart Temp

$60.50 $55.00

BMPRO Smart Temp

BMPRO Smart Temp is a cutting-edge temperature monitoring device designed specifically for use in caravans, motorhomes, and RVs. Here are its key descriptions and features:

Advanced Temperature Monitoring: The BMPRO Smart Temp allows you to monitor the temperature inside your caravan or RV in real-time. It provides accurate readings of both indoor and outdoor temperatures, helping you to maintain a comfortable living environment regardless of external conditions.

Wireless Connectivity: The Smart Temp device features wireless connectivity, allowing you to monitor temperature data remotely using a compatible smartphone or tablet. This enables you to keep track of temperature fluctuations even when you're away from your vehicle, providing peace of mind and enhancing convenience.

Alert System: The Smart Temp is equipped with an alert system that notifies you of any significant temperature changes beyond preset thresholds. This feature helps to prevent damage to sensitive equipment, perishable goods, or pets inside your caravan or RV due to extreme temperatures.

User-Friendly Interface: The device features a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls and displays, making it easy to set up and operate. You can customize temperature thresholds, view historical data, and configure alerts directly from the device or through the companion mobile app.

Compact and Portable: The Smart Temp device is compact and portable, allowing for flexible placement within your caravan or RV. It can be easily mounted on walls or placed on countertops, ensuring convenient access to temperature data at all times.

Low Power Consumption: Designed for energy efficiency, the Smart Temp device consumes minimal power, making it suitable for continuous operation without draining your vehicle's battery. This ensures long-lasting performance and reliability, even during extended trips.

Compatibility: The BMPRO Smart Temp is designed to integrate seamlessly with BMPRO's range of caravan and RV monitoring systems, allowing for centralized control and monitoring of various vehicle systems through a single interface.

Manufacturer Part Number: Identified by the manufacturer part number specific to BMPRO's product line, ensuring compatibility and quality assurance for BMPRO devices.