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Alko Nylon Spring Bush 3/4 X 9/16 X 45mm


Alko Nylon Spring Bush 3/4 X 9/16 X 45mm

The Alko Nylon Spring Bush, measuring 3/4 X 9/16 X 45mm, is a crucial component in the suspension system of trailers and caravans. Engineered by Alko, a trusted name in towing and trailer components, this spring bush provides a reliable and durable connection between suspension components, contributing to smooth and controlled movement. With precise measurements, it ensures compatibility with specific suspension configurations, enhancing the overall stability and performance of your trailer or caravan.

Key Features:

Suspension Support: The Alko Nylon Spring Bush supports and facilitates controlled movement in the trailer or caravan's suspension system.
3/4 X 9/16 X 45mm Size: Specifically designed with precise measurements for compatibility with suspension setups requiring these dimensions.
Alko Brand Reliability: Manufactured by Alko, a reputable brand known for quality and innovation in towing solutions.
Durable Nylon Construction: Crafted with high-quality nylon material, the spring bush is designed for longevity and resilience in various road conditions.
Precision Engineering: The spring bush's precise design ensures optimal functionality within the suspension system.

Upgrade your trailer or caravan's suspension system with the Alko Nylon Spring Bush 3/4 X 9/16 X 45mm, a reliable and precision-engineered component from a trusted brand, ensuring stability and control during towing