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Supa Peg Sand Pegs 300mm



Introducing our top-of-the-line SAND PEGS designed for sandy environments. The 300mm length provides optimal anchoring depth, ensuring your tent stays firmly in place. Crafted with precision and strength, the PPO154W model from SUPA PEG guarantees a hassle-free outdoor experience, giving you peace of mind in any beach setting.
Brand:     SUPA PEG 
Product Type:     These are likely pegs designed for use in sandy or beach environments. Sand pegs are often used for securing tents, tarps, or other outdoor equipment in loose and sandy soils.
Length:     The length of the pegs is specified as 300mm. This measurement is likely the overall length of each peg.
Product Code or Model:     PPO154W appears to be a product code or model number associated with these particular sand pegs. This code may be useful when searching for or ordering this specific product.
Material:     The material used for these pegs is not explicitly mentioned in the provided description. However, considering the common materials used for outdoor pegs, it's possible they are made of durable and lightweight materials suitable for sandy conditions.
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