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Supex Caravan Sullage Hose Fitting 38mm 1" 1/2 Joiner Connector RV


Supex SH38J Caravan Sullage Hose Fitting 38mm 1" 1/2 Joiner Connector RV


The Supex Caravan Sullage Hose Fitting is a versatile and essential accessory designed for efficient waste water management in caravans and RVs. This 38mm (1" 1/2) joiner connector plays a crucial role in connecting and extending sullage hoses, ensuring a reliable and secure solution for handling waste water in mobile homes.

Key Features:

Sullage Hose Connector: Purpose-built for connecting and extending sullage hoses in caravans and RVs, facilitating the smooth and effective drainage of waste water.

38mm (1" 1/2) Size: Featuring a 38mm diameter (1" 1/2), this fitting is designed to seamlessly join hoses and connectors of the same size, ensuring compatibility with standard sullage systems.

Joiner Functionality: This fitting acts as a joiner connector, allowing users to connect multiple sections of sullage hose or extend the length of the hose system as needed.

Efficient Waste Water Management: The Supex Caravan Sullage Hose Fitting is an essential component for efficient waste water management, ensuring that waste water is effectively directed away from sinks, showers, or other drainage points in the caravan or RV.

Durable Construction: Crafted from durable materials, the joiner connector is built to withstand the demands of handling waste water and the outdoor environment, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Easy Installation: Designed for easy installation, the fitting can be securely connected to sullage hoses without the need for specialized tools, providing a hassle-free setup for caravan and RV owners.

RV Compatibility: Tailored for use in caravans and RVs, the fitting is specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of mobile homes, offering compatibility with standard sullage systems.