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T Nut & Thumb Screw – Bulk- 38z


T Nut & Thumb Screw – Bulk- 38z

Product:  SUPEX T Nut and Thumb Screw SU38Z
Compatibility: Perfect fit for various caravan camping RV models and brands
Camping Essentials: Must-have for campers to secure camping equipment and tents
T-Nut and Thumb Screw Design: Allows for easy installation and removal
Convenience: Enables quick packing up and moving during camping trips
Durable Construction: Designed to last, providing reliability for all your camping adventures
Pack of Four: Sufficient quantity to secure multiple pieces of camping gear
Versatility: Suitable for a range of camping equipment and accessories
Quick Setup: Facilitates efficient and hassle-free setup during camping
SUPEX Brand: Trusted brand known for quality camping accessories.