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Tent Peg 6.3mm x 225mm


Tent Peg 6.3mm x 225mm

Supex Tent Peg in 6.3mm x 225mm size for secure tent anchoring.
Sturdy and reliable tent peg suitable for various camping terrains.
Manufacturer part number: 39B, ensuring Supex quality.
Invest in a durable and long-lasting camping accessory.
Secure your tent with ease using the Supex Tent Peg.
Ideal for ensuring your tent stays in place during different weather conditions.
Quality tent peg from the trusted brand Supex.
Sturdy construction for reliable use in camping environments.
Size: 6.3mm x 225mm, providing stability and security for your tent.
Essential camping accessory for anchoring tents effectively.

SKU: 39B