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Thetford Toilet Pump 12v C2 / C200 / C400 / C402 Genuine Replacement Part 16374

$99.00 $73.95

Thetford 16374 Toilet Pump 12v C2 / C200 / C400 / C402 Genuine Replacement Part

The Thetford Toilet Pump 12v C2 / C200 / C400 / C402 is a genuine replacement part designed for Thetford cassette toilets. This 12-volt pump ensures reliable operation and efficient flushing performance, maintaining the functionality of your toilet system. It is compatible with the following models:

C2: A commonly used model in motorhomes and caravans, known for its convenience and ease of use.

C200: Another popular model, valued for its compact design and reliability.

C400: A more advanced model with additional features for enhanced user experience.

C402: An updated version offering improved performance and durability.

Key Features:

Voltage: 12V, ensuring compatibility with standard RV electrical systems.

Compatibility: Specifically designed for Thetford C2, C200, C400, and C402 cassette toilet models.

Reliability: Genuine Thetford part, ensuring high quality and reliable performance.


Optimal Performance: Keeps your Thetford toilet functioning efficiently.

Durability: Built to last, offering a long service life.

Peace of Mind: Using genuine parts ensures compatibility and maintains warranty conditions.