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Trimatic Caravan Door Lock Complete Old Style Tri Jayco Franklin Millard


Old Style Vintage Trimatic Caravan Door Lock Assembly Jayco Franklin Millard 014396


Trimatic Caravan Door Lock Complete:

  • "Trimatic" indicates the brand or type of the door lock system. Trimatic is a brand known for manufacturing caravan door lock systems.

Old Style:

  • "Old Style" suggests that this door lock assembly is designed based on an older version or style of the Trimatic system. It may be a specific design that was used in earlier models of caravans.

Tri Jayco Franklin Millard:

  • "Tri" might be a reference to the Trimatic system or another feature of the lock assembly.
  • "Jayco," "Franklin," and "Millard" are brand names, indicating compatibility with caravans from these manufacturers. The lock assembly is suitable for use in caravans from these specific brands.

In summary, this description suggests that the product is a complete Trimatic Caravan Door Lock designed in an old-style configuration, compatible with caravans from brands like Jayco, Franklin, and Millard. If you own a caravan from one of these brands and need to replace the door lock, this specific Trimatic lock assembly may be suitable. Always refer to the product documentation or contact the manufacturer for compatibility and installation instructions.