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Type F LCC27 X 1/4 MNPT Flexible Pigtail 600mm


Type F LCC27 X 1/4 MNPT Flexible Pigtail 600mm

This type screws over the outside of the POL gas bottle connector
 "Type F LCC27 X 1/4 MNPT Flexible Pigtail 600mm" refers to a specific type of flexible pigtail with certain specifications. Let's break down the components of the description:

Type F: This likely indicates the type or category of the flexible pigtail. It could be a designation for a specific industry or application.

LCC27: This may be a model or part number that helps identify the specific product. It could be a reference for ordering or cataloging purposes.

X 1/4 MNPT: This part of the description provides information about the connections of the pigtail. "X" typically means "by" or "with," and "1/4 MNPT" likely stands for 1/4-inch Male National Pipe Thread. This indicates the size and type of the threaded connections on the pigtail.

Flexible Pigtail: This suggests that the product is a flexible hose or tubing with connectors at each end. Flexible pigtails are often used in various applications where flexibility is required.

600mm: This specifies the length of the pigtail, and in this case, it is 600 millimeters.

In summary, the description indicates a flexible pigtail with a Type F designation, model or part number LCC27, 1/4-inch Male National Pipe Thread connectors, and a length of 600mm. The specific use and application of this flexible pigtail would depend on its intended purpose and the requirements of the system it is being used in.