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Waeco Cool Ice Icebox Spare Bung Dometic Esky Cooler


Waeco Cool Ice Icebox Spare Bung Dometic Esky Cooler

Waeco Cool Ice Icebox:

  • "Waeco Cool Ice Icebox" indicates the brand and model of the cooler. Waeco is known for producing portable refrigeration and cooling solutions, and the Cool Ice Icebox is likely one of their products.

Spare Bung:

  • "Spare Bung" refers to an additional or replacement plug, cap, or stopper used to seal or drain the cooler. This is a crucial component for maintaining the insulation and temperature inside the icebox.

Dometic Esky Cooler:

  • "Dometic Esky Cooler" suggests compatibility with Dometic's line of Esky coolers. Dometic is a well-known brand in the industry, and the spare bung is designed to fit their Esky cooler models.

In summary, this description indicates that the product is a spare bung for the Waeco Cool Ice Icebox, designed to be compatible with Dometic Esky coolers. If you own one of these coolers and need a replacement or spare part for the bung, this product would be suitable. Always refer to the product documentation or contact the manufacturer for precise compatibility and usage instructions.