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Walex 044727 Commando Black Toilet Cassette Holding Tank Cleaner Caravan RV

Experiencing false readings from your sensors, or a continuous odor from your black holding tank? If so, you most likely have residual waste buildup on your holding tank interior walls and level sensors. Using Commando® Black Holding Tank Cleaner will remove the odors and sensor buildup in as little as 12 hours. The super-concentrated, scientifically developed formula is filled with natural enzymes to penetrate the walls and sensors to break down waste and paper buildup in your black holding tank. Continued use of Commando every 3 months will help keep your tank in good working condition.

Treats your black holding tank system with an all-natural enzyme cleaning treatment in as little as 12 – 24 hours!

Lubricates valves and seals
Easy to use dissolvable packet
Septic tank safe

Directions for Use:

Empty black holding tank & close valve.  Drop in one (1) COMMANDO packet into toilet & flush.  Fill holding tank with water until sensors are completely covered.  Let product sit in tank for 12-24 hours.  One (1) COMMANDO packet will treat a holding tank capacity up to 200L.

Product Recommendations:

Driving the vehicle to agitate tank can help speed up the process, but is not required.  12 hours is sufficient to break down most waste & paper, but extreme cases may require letting the tank sit for 24 hours to penetrate & clear residule buildup off the walls.

Suitable for caravan toilet cassettes & marine toilets also.

Pack contains 4 sachets