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Wheel Studs 1/2 Zinc plated x 5


Wheel Studs 1/2 Zinc Plated X 5

Wheel Studs 1/2 Zinc Plated x 5 are essential components designed for securing wheels to vehicle hubs. Manufactured with high-quality materials and zinc plating, these wheel studs offer durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring reliable performance in various driving conditions. With a precision-engineered design, they provide a secure attachment point for wheels, promoting safety and stability on the road.

Key Features:

Secure Wheel Attachment: Engineered to securely fasten wheels to vehicle hubs, preventing loosening or detachment during operation.
High-Quality Materials: Constructed from premium materials to withstand the heavy loads and stresses experienced by wheels and axles.
Zinc Plating: Zinc-plated finish provides corrosion resistance, protecting the wheel studs from rust and corrosion, especially in harsh environments.
Precision Engineering: Designed with precise dimensions to ensure proper fit and alignment with wheel hubs, minimizing the risk of vibration or imbalance.
Standard Size: 1/2-inch diameter size conforms to industry standards, allowing compatibility with a wide range of vehicles and wheel types.
Threaded Design: Features threaded ends for easy installation and removal of lug nuts or wheel bolts, simplifying wheel mounting and maintenance.
Versatile Application: Suitable for use in various automotive, truck, trailer, and RV applications, offering versatility and compatibility with different vehicle types.
Package Quantity: Sold as a set of five wheel studs, providing convenience for replacing multiple studs on a single axle or wheel assembly.
OEM Equivalent: Meets or exceeds original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications, ensuring compatibility and performance comparable to factory-installed wheel studs.
Safety Assurance: Helps maintain safe driving conditions by securely holding wheels in place, reducing the risk of accidents or wheel-related issues.