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Winegard Rp2658 Nylon Bearing For Crank Winder Handle Antenna Parts Caravan Rv


Winegard Rp2658 Nylon Bearing For Crank Winder Handle Antenna Parts Caravan Rv

Replacement bearing designed for use with crank winder handles in Caravans and RVs.
Crafted with durable nylon material to ensure longevity and reliability.
Specifically engineered for Winegard antennas, making it a perfect fit for antenna parts.
Ideal for caravan and RV enthusiasts seeking a reliable replacement for worn-out or damaged bearings.
Enables smooth operation of the crank winder handle, ensuring efficient antenna deployment and retraction.
RP2658 bearing serves as a crucial component for maintaining the functionality of Winegard antennas.
Designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, providing durability for long-term performance.
Convenient and cost-effective solution for DIY repairs and maintenance of caravan and RV antenna systems.
Easy to install, allowing users to replace the bearing without extensive technical knowledge.
Enhances overall antenna performance by providing proper support and stability to the crank winder handle.
Compatible with various Winegard antenna models, ensuring broad applicability within the product line.
A reliable choice for caravan and RV owners looking for a quality replacement bearing for their antenna systems.
RP2658 Nylon Bearing is an essential part of Winegard's commitment to delivering reliable and innovative antenna solutions.
Designed to meet the high standards of Winegard's reputation for excellence in the caravan and RV industry.